Returning blanks in an IF formula


I am trying to enhance my formula to return blanks if there is no value entered in the "My Score" column(please see attached test file). 


My formula in column A2 is  =IF(B2>=4.75,"High",IF(B2>=3.75,"Medium",IF(B2<3.75,"Low",IF(B2="",""))))/...clearly the last IF was to control the blanks issue but didnt happen


Conditions inputted work fine till you get to blank cell then it returns LOW in column A still. I will rather have it return a blank cell in A if corresponding cell is also blank.


Any ideas on that?


THanks and enjoy your Sunday



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@NoviceKB Try it this way:




Your original formula never gets past the "Lower" test as a blank cell is also less the 3.75


As variant

=XLOOKUP(B2, {-100,3.75,4.75,""},{"Low","Medium","High",""},,-1)