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Hello everyone.

I am really stocked here ( check the screenshot ). I want to return the project name based on a cell ( Investment decision ) that contains "yes" to the " Liquidity Table " . I used the index and match function but it gives me the value in the exact row. For example if I have 200 rows but only 10 yes, I have to insert 200 rows and makes the problem even worst because I have to look all the 200 rows for the projects.

Is there any way to automatically return the values one after another without any blank row?


I appreciate the help. 


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you can use the FILTER() function.

S10 = FILTER(A10:A200,Q10:Q200="Yes","")
T10 = FILTER(F10:F200,Q10:Q200="Yes","")
U10 = FILTER(G10:G200,Q10:Q200="Yes","")

This should solve your problem. Please delete the entries in S11:U200.