Returning a value based on multiple criteria - SUMIF

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I'm trying to return a value only if date criteria are satisfied, and I'm struggling to do this using the SUMIFS formula. I'm an ok excel user but I don't often have a need to use functions beyond vlookups, pivots etc.

I have a number of projects and I am trying to split the cost of projects across the life of those projects. Each will have a start date and an end date.


I would like automatic formula each month to pull through what the monthly cost will be. E.g. on the example below:

  • In April 23 and May 23 the monthly cost would be 0 because the project does not start until June
  • From June 23-December 23 the monthly cost would return a value of 140,845 because the project is ongoing in this period
  • In January 24 the monthly cost would return a value of 0 because the project is finished

Does anyone know what formula I can use to make this information populate automatically?






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This returns the expected result if i correctly understand what you want to do.

returning a value.JPG