Returned value in Merge Cells

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How can write a formula to get the expected result like below:


Thank you.


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I would forget about the merged cells.  They will be too much trouble to maintain.

A traditional formula would be

= IF($A2<>$A1, 
     SUMIFS($B$2:$B$14, $A$2:$A$14, $A2),

and drag down.  The orange is pretty but I wouldn't use the formula, instead with 365

= LET(
    priorMVD, DROP(VSTACK("",MVD),-1),
    newMVD?,  MVD<>priorMVD,
    IF(newMVD?, SUMIFS(Unit, MVD, MVD), "")



This is without the merged cells.



if merge cell not easy by formula,try this online tool。

MVĐ Unit Expected result
237I51 100000 450000
237I51 200000
237I51 150000
237I52 400000 1100000
237I52 500000
237I52 100000
237I52 100000
237I53 200000 2500000
237I53 300000
237I53 400000
237I53 500000
237I53 600000
237I53 500000