Return value if multiple DIFFERENT cells contain specific text (NOT range)

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In the attached picture, I would like to create a formula that looks at different cells (not a range of cells that is continuous) to tell if all of them say 1. 


For example, did all the players on the R team show up on 3/16/23? If all those values are 1, then return a 1 to me. If even one of them is a zero, return a zero to me. That way, I have a quicker way to tell if everyone from that team was at our workout.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 11.16.21 AM.png

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You can try this formula.




Why not







Very good solution thank you. I didn't think of this approach. Since i work with the desktop version of Excel 2013 at the moment i can't apply MINIFS but the above formula works as well if it's entered as an arrayformula with ctrl+shift+enter.