Return Request Analysis

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Dear Experts,

need your guidance in my attached file. 

Daily & Monthly average volume
out of 20 sample request how many have made 50% of total return request many return request received in the same day of credit date to customer
2. 1-5 days
3.6-20 Days
4.21-50 Days
5.51-100 Days
6.More than 100 Days many return request received under less than 1 GBP


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Your request is not at all clear. And unfortunately it's hard for first-time-visitors (for data security reasons) to attach an actual file. So if you could clarify what you're showing us, in the first place, and then what the guidance is that you need.
Also: this sounds like it could be an assignment from school. If it is, the recommendation would be that you talk with your instructor or classmates, rather than asking somebody outside that circle to do your homework for you.

@mathetes  thanks for understanding :):)