Return percentage value if match two cell ranges text value same with condition


Dear Friends,
anybody can help me to find a formula to get the result.
I have an inspection plan for employees to perform their job and tracking their data entry to get the result of how much percentage they did their inspection.
Employees will enter each inspection job in the "INSPECTION JOB ENTRY" sheet. The result will be shown in the "PLAN" sheet for their performance after matching the text values of building names in between "PLAN" sheet and "INSPECTION JOB ENTRY" according to the condition of dates within weekly duration.
In the "PLAN" sheet, values already entered for each employee like a 5 days building inspection schedule for each month. The percentage result will show in the "%" column if the data of "INSPECTION JOB ENTRY" sheet looks at the value from the column "BUILDING/LOCATION" within a particular week.
Please anybody can help me, attached the excel sheet.

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