Return column/row heading based on location of text found

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I am an accountant using an Excel workbook to plan projects for team members. In the attached example, the "Tracker" tab lists the relevant project details (company name, year-end), and the "2022" tab, laid out in a rudimentary calendar, dictates the dates each team member should be working on each project.


I would like to return values in the "Tracker" columns of "Team Member", "Start Date" and "# Days" using formulas to essentially search for the "Identifier" values in the "2022" tab. I've played about with a few formula combinations such as INDEX, MATCH and XLOOKUP with no joy.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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See the attached version. If you don't have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, you will have to confirm each of the formulas in row 2 with Ctrl+Shift+Enter, then fill down.

Amazing! Thank you for your swift assistance!