Retrieving the first value in a list that is greater / smaller than a specified value

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Hi all I am hoping for some help,


I have a datasheet in my excel file, and I would like to retrieve the next value from the datasheet (R11:R117), that is greater than a specified value (I10, 4000), yet I am just getting the largest value from the data sheet, 1246000. I have used the following formula:

=INDEX(UKB!R11:R117,MATCH(TRUE,UKB!R11:R117>='Beam Calculations'!I10,0))


Thank you in advanced,


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=INDEX(UKB!R11:R117, XMATCH('Beam Calculations'!I10, UKB!R11:R117, 1))




=XLOOKUP('Beam Calculations'!I10, UKB!R11:R117, UKB!R11:R117, "", 1)