Retrieve the Price per commodity of each ID

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Please refer to the photo attached. I want to retrieve the Price per commodity of each ID. The expected outcome is shown as well in the attached photo. I want to do this in vba. I already have a userform where the user inputs the ID and price per commodity should be shown. There can be no price for a commodity if the package or supplier code doesn't match. This is not my whole data. There can be multiple entries for a commodity with its corresponding price and package/supplier code.


 here is the link to the file: Commodity Price Check.xlsx

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Attach the sample file to your post.
Hi @Harun24HR, This is the one drive link for my sample file. Would appreciate any help for my case. Thank you!!AmSO7gFj0wuUkjCT3FXdRZM5uCyd?e=PXDTrs
You screenshot on post and attached sample file doesn't match. Can you please show your desired output on file?