Result of value in one cell to treat a value in another cell.

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I need a formula to do the following to a value in another cell. Hope some one can give me a single one line formula.

Cell B2 - can have a value of less than 3 to a value >5.

What I want to happen:

Cell C2 is the resulting value from the calculation - so formula goes in C2.

If B2 less than 3 or =3 then add 3% to value of C1 (C1 would be any value)

If B2 =3 or >3 but <5 then use value in B2 to add as percentage to value in C1

If B2 =5 or >5 then add 5% to the value of C1.

Hope I have explained it clearly.


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Does this do what you want?


=C1*(1+MAX(MIN(B2, 5), 3)/100)

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Yes, thank you - brilliant - you are a genius. And a very short formula.