Result of a formula not considered as a value

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Hi everyone,

I would like to use the following formula (1):

=SI([@[Unit Sold]]>[@Ecom];[@Ecom];[@[Unit Sold]])

knowing that [@[Unit Sold]] has the following formula (2):

=SIERREUR(RECHERCHEV($B10;'Unit Sold W1-W25'!$A$1:$M$4932;3;FAUX);"0")


Ideally I wanted the formula 1 to understand the value 0 of the formula 2 when it is, but it doesn't So I have my high value showing instead of the 0.


I could copy past [Unit Sold]] as value, but Im trying to build an automated file so I would like to find another solution and keep the formula 2 in my cells


Thanks in advance !

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I think you should change the "0" in your SIERREUR formula to just 0 (no quotes).