Resort Excel sheets, change the order

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I'm needing to change the order of my excel sheets, cannot find a tool in my MS 365.

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@MSpey  you can click and drag or right-click and select "Move or Copy ..." (desktop version) or "Reorder" in the browser version.




Thank you, very helpful for single sheets. But I want to sort the entire set of sheets either alphabetically or numerically.  I may have to resort to a macro to do this, as I've seen some posted on the web.

yes, sounds like you are looking for / in the need of a macro. The macro you need may be very simple. You likely found an example on you search but if not, start a new topic here specifically requesting help on a macro to sort sheets and I'm sure one of us can help


Thanks for the reply,  I would of course welcome seeing any sorting macro for the entire workbook of sheets.  I have about 25 sheets and will be generating more.  I have a program that outputs tables to each sheet.  Each sheet is named alphabetically, like an index.

I was going to write something quick but did a search first and found plenty that already have examples and much better instructions/documentation than I would have done. Here are just a few:
from MS:
good description and instructions:
simply the macro: