Resolving Calculations and Formatting Issues in My Trading Journal

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I have a problem with my trading journal, I have previously posted on this forum when I couldn't figure out why it wasn't calculating my contracts. I was assisted as best as possible, and I was also advised to create my own order diary. I have been working on that. However, some acquaintances of mine have created an order diary that I would like to use, and I want to use it on different devices.


In Excel, I encountered the issue that it wasn't calculating my contracts. I have no idea what went wrong. What I did notice is that Excel has issues with my commas and periods. I also tried it in Google Sheets, and there I also have problems with commas and periods, and it doesn't calculate the contracts there either. So, it seems to be an issue with my settings. What can I do?"


Maybe even Excel doesn't know what he want because of the differend devices i use (and differend settings). 

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Maybe it could also be settings related to my country. I am not sure which specific settings I need to adjust for that.

Is someone familiar with this?

I purchased a key from Gamersoutlet and activated it on Microsoft. I've heard that it's legal since it's a valid key, but I'm starting to wonder if this could be the issue. Should I have bought a subscription directly from Microsoft?

Could this also be a reason why the product isn't working properly at my home? Excel doesn't calculate correctly, and there are issues with "," and ".". I feel like getting a subscription might not solve this problem. I've also considered that the key I bought is from a different country although it's labeled as GLOBAL. So, it should work, right? Curious to hear your thoughts on this.