RESOLVED - Excel: text in cell being truncated after save

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Apparently there is a character limit of 250/cell

Workaround: if you need more verbiage requiring more then 250 character, use the Text Box, insert into the cell

I did not find a setting parameter to increase the 250/cell


Windows 10 Enterprise : Excel


Some of my text (General format) in cells is being truncated after I save and close the file.

This seems to be happening only with the last column of the worksheet cells; and again, its not all cells; some get truncated and some don't.

I've expanded the window size of the cell to make sure the entire text field is within before save.


Saving alone does not truncate; only after you close and reopen does this issue happen.


Q: is there a character limit on each cell?


Any suggestions to further debug this?


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Yes, there is the limit https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Excel-specifications-and-limits-1672b34d-7043-467e-8e27-269...


Total number of characters that a cell can contain

32,767 characters

(about 2^16).


However, maximum number of displayed characters is 1024. Depends on version and cell formatting.

Thus text is not truncated, you may check with =LEN(), it's not displayed as full after re-opening.

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