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I am using an app to scan barcodes and take picture of books which import directly into excel spreadsheet.

It works fine but I need to keep the images to a thumbnail size as there ae hundreds of products. 


Is there a way to keep size down to a thumbnail size without shrinking the file size as I need them still to be reasonably HI Def on our website


I am hoping this is something very easy to do



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Embed images in Excel

First insert the desired image from the clipboard into your Excel table using copy (shortcut: Ctrl + C) and paste (shortcut: Ctrl + V).

Now reduce the image so that it fits into the cell. To do this, you simply have to drag the corners of the image to the correct size with the mouse. Alternatively, you can of course also adjust the column and row size.

With the Alt key you can now position the image in the correct cell.

Then right-click on the picture to open the context menu and select "Size and Properties".

Under "Properties" you will find the point "Depending on cell position and size". This means that the image is adapted to the formatting and is taken into account, for example, when sorting the lines.


Don't forget to use Excel for the web.

Work with VBA macros in Excel for the web


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