Request for help with complex transposing

gijs van Bergen
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I can really need some help. In the picture down below you can see that I have 8 articles with each a certain time in every step. As an outcome I am seeking to get the table below in the picture. The article name should be duplicated for every step and in that step the time should be stated. So for example article 100 has 4 steps, so it should be duplicated 4 times and for each step the amount of time will stated in the column to the right. I need this in formula so I can use it in further updates as well.

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Try the attached. I did this with formulas, as you wanted, but it does mean that each block of formulas (Green & Orange) is different to the next.  This means they can't just be dragged down so, I added steps to 20 and articles down to 11.  Hope that helps.


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