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   quantity of books to be ordered   
  Internal papers type    
  paper 170 grams 4 colors$22.00$20.50$19.00$17.00
  paper 135 grams 4 colors$20.00$18.00$17.25$16.15
  Paper 90 grams 4 colors$18.00$17.00$15.95$15.25
  Paper 80 grams 1 color$14.00$13.50$12.25$11.75
  Book's cover type    
  Hard Cover Br. 2000 grams with sulfan$55.00$50.00$46.00$43.00
  Normal Cover Br. 300 grams with sulfan$33.00$31.00$29.50$28.00
      The function is = Type of internal papers cost wit refernce to number of printed books  + Type of the book"s cover chossed
I do ask How to use an easy function to automate the equation of counting the price please note tha

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Your question appears to be incomplete. Can you complete it.

Thank you for your hint  Robbins @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP 


The question is how can make a function or a scenario so I let the user that help him choose the number of pages, type of cover, and the quantity of the printed books as those are the major factors to evaluate the price of the printed books, note that the data are applicable to expand to several tens of items.




The way I would go about it would be to create a userform containing either radio buttons or comboboxes for each of the variables:

Number of pages

Paper type

Cover type

and then, depending upon the selections made, compute the cost based on those selections

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For 2-way lookups reverting to INDEX/MATCH is often simplest.


The alternative formula takes advantage of Excel 365 to create a more verbose formula

= LET(
    qtyLevel,    XMATCH(qtyOrdered,volume,1),
    paperOption, XMATCH(paperOrdered,paperType),
    coverOption, XMATCH(coverOrdered,coverType),
    cost, INDEX(paperCost, paperOption, qtyLevel)
        + INDEX(coverCost, coverOption, qtyLevel),
    IFERROR(cost, "")
Peter I do appreciate so much your reply.