Reporting/Tracking Data Workbook (multiple selections w/drop down)

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I have the attached workbook (most of the information is redacted) and need help extracting data when I choose a specific name from the drop down. 


In a perfect world, I would choose someone's name in cell E4, and their sales and info would populate in the table. The information (raw data) is generated weekly, and I drop it into Sheet2. 

We frequently change individuals (names), but the layout stays the same. 


I am stuck at what formula to use that would give me that information. I would like to use a formula in each cell vs one that encompasses everything.

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Hello @kittenmeants
Sorry the workbook is useless. I could not figure out what you need!

So, what I would suggest is to look into these functions


If you need any help using these come back with a DETAILED description of what you are trying to do,