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Hello all,


hope you are doing good...and hope someone would be able to help me with this.

The subject looks a bit weird but i don't know how to describe it another way so... let's try to explain it.


I have a tab in excel where someone collects this information (related to some tests done on quarters over the years)




What i need to do is... on another tab, i have dates identified by month




I would need on this second tab , to have a value "Y" or "N" at the level of the quarters for the different years.  If all the entries of a test for a quarter on the first tab are "Y" then on the first tab it should show "Y" for the corresponding quarter .

Else if one or all of the values of a quarter in the first tab is "N" then it should show a "N" on the second tab for the corresponding quarter.


Do you think it's possible ?

if it is... would you please be able to help me with this ? 

and if readapting the values somewhere helps you...what should i readapt on my excel sheets ?


Hope someone will be able to help me ...


thanks a lot in advance


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You can try the attached sample file with a few helper columns.

Hi @Quadruple_Pawn,

Waw...thanks a lot for this !!!
I just had a look at your file and it seems to be exactly what i need. I will have to add a few columns but as long as it work....

Will give it a try tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for your help !!