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Hi everyone in the forum. I was after some help. I'm a teacher and have created a mark book using Excel. I'm sure there are a lot better ones out there but it suits the needs of me and my school well. I have a worksheet that displays the student names and also all the outcomes for the year that they will be assessed on. When it comes to reporting time, not all the assessed outcomes need to be reported on. I was hoping to set up a system where users (other teachers - some with very basic excel ability) click a check box next to the names of the outcomes they require and then a report is generated that shows the student names and then the grade they received for the outcome. I've included an image of the final result I'm after. I've tried googling an answer but can't find anything that shows what I'm after. A link to a youtube video would be great. Thanks for your assistance.IDEA.PNG

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But what you're showing is (if I'm understanding correctly) just the final report you'd like. What you're NOT showing is the raw data that would be the source of the data IN that final report. What does that raw data look like? If it's possible for you to post a copy of the actual complete workbook (with names rendered anonymous as you've done here), that would be helpful. If you can't do it in the public forum page, you probably can be clicking on my name and sending me a private message still on this microsoft site, including a copy of your file with that posting.