replace the first values in a sequence with zeros

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I'm trying to create a sequence with a variable length of values that, as I drag it to the right, only the latest values are included, and the first values are replaced with zeros.

In other words, I only want the last 30 values in the sequence, but I need the sequence to get one value longer as it's dragged into the next cell.


I'm finding this hard to explain, so I've attached my spreadsheet. Basically, I need the zeros in the lowest rows to be built into the formula above.




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@DerekRolston In C4, try this one:


Copy it down and across. 


Thank you, that works perfectly in the example I provided.

However, ideally, I'd like these values as a series (or sequence/range?) instead of individual cell values. The reason for this is I need to be able to pick out every Nth value from the series using in this equation: 


where C3 = the Nth value

and my original equation (except with zeros for the first values)


would replace (COLUMN($C1:1)


(updated spreadsheet attached)


Each column is a month and I need this for a 10-year projection, so it would be possible to just have a data tab with your equation dynamically filling individual cells then reference them in the equation above, however, I'm hoping to have everything I need to be built into a single equation on a single tab.


Thank you for your help with this!

@DerekRolston I see your formula in row 5 (individual cell values) and see what it does. But I don't see the link to matrix below (rows 7:46). Sorry!