Replace position abbreviation by initials for Job Title/Initials

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I am needing to create a conditional format in the case that I type an acronym for the job title in one box, it will fill in the initials for the person responsible. For example, I need a formula where if I type if PE (project engineer), that same box will replace PE for the initials of the actual project engineer. Furthermore, I would like to have a table off to the side that will allow this to be interchangeable depending on who is in the positions of PD (project director), PM (project manager), PS (project superintendent), PE (project engineer). This will need to be a condition that no matter where I type the acronym for the role, it will fill in for the initials of the person responsible. 


I hope what I am asking makes sense, please see the attached images. The bottom image is an example of how this will apply under "RESP." 


 Format Image.PNGCapture.PNG

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That's not conditional formatting, that's one of lookup (XLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, etc). But only if to add initials into another cell. If replace position abbreviation by initials in the same cell that's with VBA programming, not my territory. If so perhaps someone else could help.

Thanks for clearing that up!