Repetitive Cycle Data Analysis

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I have a large data stream that has a repetitive cycle. I need an Excel method to identify the cycle, then add up the data within that cycle. In the example attached the cycles are shown going from the yellow cell to light green 

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@TK-77 Not entirely sure what you want to achieve or how dynamic the solution should be. But it seems one cycle contains 59 readings. Correct?


See attached. Perhaps it helps you getting the answer you want.



Thanks for the input.  It may well do the trick.  We are measuring the energy use of a machine as it cycles through its process.  Readings are taken every second so the data columns get long.  I need to calculate the energy use per cycle. In the example I posted the cycle is 59 seconds.  I start the cycle where the numbers are lowest, usually for over 20 seconds. (the string of 5.9s in the spreadsheet)  Need to spot the string of 5.9s (manually works for the first one) and then end the cycle on the second before the next string begins.  What you provided seems to do that.