Repair of Faulty Data, Tricky Problem

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I'm working with a new product that has some faulty programming.  Need to analyze the old data.  The issue is that the temperature data was not calculated correctly by the microprocessor.  Whenever a zero to the right of the decimal point was encountered the C code in the micro dropped all leading zeros to the right of the decimal point.  So, 20.111 can mean 20.0111 or 20.00111 etc.  The saving grace here is that the data rate is 1 sample / 10.47 seconds and the data is a smooth function with small changes between samples.  In cells A22:I27 of attached I've illustrated an occurrence of this.  However, correction formulas with delta T and or slope do not work well.  Has anyone solved this or a similar problem with cell formulas?  Below, for T mod the first value needed to be / 100 and the other 5 / by 10...


Thank you for looking at this.