Renaming a cell while retaining its value

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Hello All,


I'm a bit of a new Excel user so forgive me if I don't use the correct terms. I have been putting together a table that will show net cost for an upgraded vehicle purchase when factoring in gas efficiency. This way my wife and I can more accurately see the overall effect on our household budget. I have a dropdown to switch in between the different car prices. What I would like to do is have the name of the cars appear in the drop down list, but have it reference the numerical value. I've tried using a custom format, but the drop down only lists the cell. Picture is attached to help clarify what I'm trying to doCAR PAYMENT CALCULATIONS.png

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that is correct that you can't have the car name there but the value be something else. There are many things you can do with defining 'names' but not in the way you are requesting and not that I would recommend. That said, I would simply add another column so you have a column called Car with the drop down with Car Names and then a column called Cost and use a simple XLOOKUP (or another lookup if you prefer) and grab the price for that car from the other table.


Thank you for the response!