Removing the tip line when adjusting columns


I usually adjust columns in Excel by grabbing the gridline and dragging it to the ruler mark where I want it.  However, the box that shows the column width is in my way when I try to align the column width to the ruler mark.  Is there a way to shut that off?  I have attached a screenshot of what I'm asking about.




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@Sue_G put your cursor on the top triangle box> Home? adjust column width the way you want




Thank you for your reply.  This isn't quite what I was asking.  There are some documents that I use quite frequently where the columns need adjusting individually.  I would like to turn off the little tip box (it shows:  Width: 8.43 (64 pixels) as it blocks the ruler lines when I'm trying to line up the column line with a specific line on the ruler.  Is there a way to shut that feature off?