Removing rows that contain a number of specific characters anywhere in a cell

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How would you remove all rows in a sheet that contain anymore then 5 / in a cell?

We're creating a Visio chart of a SharePoint directory that has many folders, however we only need to see the first few layers. Otherwise it tries to chart nearly 4000 folders

The below layer is fine
teams/accounts/Shared Documents/affiliates/processes/subprocesses  

But to remove any row that has anything more than that
teams/accounts/Shared Documents/affiliates/processes/subprocesses/thing1/thing2/thing3/....  

If a row has a cell that has a directory than has more the 5 / it needs to go.

Is there anyway to achieve this automatically?


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@silaman I would use Power Query for such a task. You'll find a working example in the attached workbook.

Wow, thanks a lot

Looks like I will have to get better at Power Query