Remove number from a text string

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Hello, I am trying to remove a number from the text string of the description of my products for my online store. The number is GTIN used by search engines. In Column J is the where the products are located. I filtered the column using the Text filter "contains" UPC. I was attempting to use ( LEFT,RIGHT,MID and Search but have no luck)  In the image I highlighted the number I am trying to take out of the description ( it can be 12-13 characters long). I need that number to appearing in column BT. I attached the file as well if that is helpful. Thank you!

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See the attached workbook. Some of the data in your csv file are corrupted - the number is stored in the string in scientific format...



Good luck. Your image doesn't do justice to how deeply that number is buried. Here's a more complete picture of what's in that same cell.


It's no surprise that the various text manipulation functions don't work. 


Is there some other way to get the data itself?