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Can someone please advise how to remove the highlighted 'info box' in the image below? I cannot seem to figure out how to remove it. It appears whenever I click on a number in the excel sheet!



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This is a message from the data validation dialogue and has been placed by the author of the spreadsheet. You shouldn't remove it without consulting with him/her first.


@Detlef Lewin
I am the owner of the spreadsheet. I simply copied some info from another spreadsheet to start working on the one I have created. It's a personal spreadsheet I use to keep track of the sales I generate vs my sales targets.


If you are the author of the spreadsheet then you should know what is in it. Even when copy from another spreadsheet.


@Detlef Lewin
Dude... If you have a solution for me then please provide one. Otherwise, please STOP wasting my time. I am genuinely frustrated with that box appearing on the spreadsheet all the time and you are not helping in any way!
I gave the solution in my first answer.
Would you please upload the workbook so we can check it.
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Please be polite!

Select the cell or cells where this happens.

Click 'Data Validation' on the Data tab of the ribbon.

Click 'Clear All'.

@Jihad Al-Jarady 

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I cannot share the spreadsheet as it has got customer data and company sales financials on it.

@Hans Vogelaar... Thank you for posting the solution. I will give it a go.