Remove filter arrows from specific columns?

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How can I remove the filter arrow from some columns that should not be used as filters?


I have a small sheet with 5 columns. I would like to filter all data only on one column. But of course I have to select all data as part of the filter data. By doing this, I get filter arrows on all columns in the data range.


Can I in some way hide the filter arrows from the columns that are not used? Or is it all or nothing, when using filters like this?


It hurts my eye having filter arrows in the columns that are just plain tekst, comments or other data that are not used as filters.


I hope you get my question?



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Click over the column selecting all the column you want to filter and then apply filter.
I know how to create a filter already, that's not my question.
I want to remove the filter arrow from the columns that should not be used as filters, and only leave the filter arrow to the one column that should be used.


I understood.

What I meant is, Lets say you just want to apply filter on column A.
By selecting the whole column A, instead more columns the filter will be applied only on that column.





The instructions are very vague. I'm not able to follow how you are applying filters to only some columns of a table. 


Bethany Fontenot


That works, but only for a single column, but it cannot be used on multiple ranges. But if I set a filter on the first range, then attempt to set a filter on the second range, the filter on the first range is removed.


If I use AutoFilter then select only the column I want to turn off AutoFilter, doing so removes all filters.


Do you have any other solutions?

You very clearly did not understand his question. It would be most helpful for you to cease attempts at assisting others seeking advanced advice. Thank you. @Juliano-Petrukio