Remove Duplicates - Weird Behavior

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I have one column with 200 lines of data in it.  Let's call it range P33:P232.  I want to remove all the duplicates in that data but keep the original data where it is, so I copy that range and paste it (as values) to cell DD18, then remove duplicates there.


Here's the problem.  I verified using a column filter on the original data that there are twelve unique values in the data.  When I run the remove duplicates function, it says that twelve unique values remain, but I see only five of them, with no sign of the other seven values.


Now if I copy that same data range to CQ1, the remove duplicates command works properly and I see all twelve unique values.


Can anyone tell me what's happening here?  It makes no difference whether I paste with Ctrl+v or right-click-paste as values.


I'm sorry I can't provide a workbook example of this right now - needs some scrubbing before I can post it.

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Hi HN,


My first inclination is to ask if there were any hidden rows where you are pasting to or from.

I was thinking someone was going to ask that. I checked for it initially and thought there we no hidden rows. After checking again, there were hidden rows >_< Wow what a duh answer. Thank you for your help!