remove duplicates but as long as the value is present in ANY of given columns.

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Hi Everyone


I have an unusual request. I'm trying to remove duplicates, but as long as they're in ANY of given columns. I have LCD serial numbers, and sometimes they are present in different rows in different orders. (Don't ask, Windows randomly switches LCD order)

so, for example



i001   123         624          791

i001   624         791          123


In both cases, both entries have the same connected LCDs. But I want to remove all other entries, as long as it has all of the connected LCDs and the PC# matches. So, the pseudocode would be-

remove duplicate rows that match PC# AND all of LCD_SN#s have the same values, in any order. So, if multiple entries with same PC# have less SNs (as in missing values), remove those as well. Since they're incomplete.



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