Remove duplicate words in a cell after power query grouping and aggregating from a table

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I am using a power query to group and aggregate columns of a table. After the power query, the aggregated columns contain duplicate values. For example one of the aggregated columns is ISO country code, so after aggregating the cells contain "UK, UK, FR, FR, FR, DE, DE" etc. Is there a step I can add to the power query to remove such duplicates?



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You can try to remove duplicates before grouping.

duplicates power query.JPG

@Quadruple_Pawn Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I don't think this will solve it. Below is a screenshot of the grouping - if two or more Channels feature the same country, then removing duplicates prior to grouping won't work...


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As variant you may aggregate ISO as sum, that will return an error, in formula bar will be something like this


Change in formula bar on that


Other words instead of List.Sum first List.Distinct to remove duplicates, on the top Text.Combine to have one string.

With that doesn't matter how many aggregations you have, you correct only specific one.

@Sergei Baklan this worked perfectly, thanks!


As a follow up question, is it possible to add a step to the power query to re-order the ISO codes alphabetically in each cell?


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With @Sergei Baklan solution you can try to add List.Sort.