remove Conditional formatting for specific duplicates,

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Hi all, 


I have situation where I have conditional formatting in column E for duplicates. in column E I need to have unique references but sometimes I do not have any reference for some row, and I need to write N/A (non-applicable). Now Excel highlight me that cells as duplicates, but I do not want that cell to be highlighted.  So is there any rule that I can say that excel ignore N/A (or any other reference) as duplicates.






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Hi @Bilosta 


You cannot achieve what you expect with the built-in Cond. Format Highlight Duplicate Values rule. Instead you'll have to setup a custom rule using a formula:




Cond. Format rule that applies to =$E$2:$E$14 for the above example:

=AND($E2 <> "n/a", COUNTIF($E$2:$E$14,$E2) > 1)

If not already the case I would recommend you to format your data as Table

Corresponding sample is available here

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