Refreshing stock prices in Excel has stopped working - asking for account with subscription

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My excel with automatically updating share prices stopped working yesterday. I thought it was a blip, but still not working today.


I'm getting the following message:

'COULDN'T REFRESH DATA TYPES you need to sign in with an account associated with a subscription to use these data types '

I am signed in to my Office365 account and nothing has changed. Do we now need to subscribe/pay for share data or is there something else?


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This is an ongoing problem. See if you can refresh the quotes in the online (browser) version of Excel in Microsoft Edge.

HI Hans, that seems to work. I guess I will need to work like this until Microsoft resolve the issue.
Many thanks for your help.
I've had the same problem, starting yesterday and again today. Thanks.
I have also got the same problem since a few hours ago, and tried to restart my PC a few times, and reset my office subscription a few times. But the problem is still there...


I have experienced the same issue on several worksheets  I have also tried with/without a VPN with no success. To summarize I am being told by an error message to sign-in, despite being signed in.



Me too, only today.  Hopefully a bug not a new way of extracting money from us. 

Same issue here. Mine broke yesterday. I tried accessing my spreadsheet from my laptop and it had the same problem. Nothing has changed on either my PC nor my laptop. So, it has to be an issue at MSFT that needs to be addressed.


Same issue for me.  Started yesterday and still the same problem today.

Thank you for this thread! I opened up my Spreadsheet in Edge/Online Excel, which copied it up to OneDrive and set auto-save to ON. Then when the online version is "refreshed" - which WORKS!! WHOOHOO! - the version on my hard drive is also updated (per the auto-save option). So... when I drop offline, my local version will also be updated. I hope MS fixes the issue on this. I travel often and can't work online in most of my client sites. But for now, at least there is a work-around (annoying, but it works).
That's a great workaround! Worked for me too. Hope MSFT get this properly fixed ASAP!!

@TinaT_33 I tried the same workaround, but receive the same message in the online version as I do in the desktop version. It might be due that I am in Canada, however.


Having the same issue - is driving me crazy, Web based excel works fine.

I contacted microsoft and got a technician, and he checked out my computer.  This was on 7/11/23 at around 10:30 pacific daylight time.  He finally said that there is a "bug", and the backend team is aware of the bug, and they will do an update when they get it fixed.  @andys68 


Thanks! Good to know!  OMG how did you get to a real live person? LOL

Thank you for responding, I have the same issue. Talked with a microsoft tech, he said there is a "bug" and people are working on it.
I hate to be a pain, but could you please explain, set by step, how to access the online version of Excel in Microsoft Edge? Thank you much, I owe you a beer.
Thanks, I downloaded and tried the online version and it worked once for the first file. Didn't work on my second file and now won't update the first file. I'm 74 and maybe have done something wrong. Annoying.
somewhere in the exel program, i found Contact Us...or maybe it was Contact Microsoft. I clicked on a few links, and finally go the option to have them call me, or to do an online chat. I chose online chat. I was 3rd in the queque, and only had to wait about 5 minutes to chat with a real person.