Refresh Power Query loaded to Data Model in Excel Online OR in Mac

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I have created some Power Query queries that take data from Dataverse and load it to a Data Model inside Excel. Some Pivot Tables are generated from this Data Model. The Excel file is hosted in my One Drive and is shared with an internal user.

When I want to refresh the data and click Refresh All in the browser, I get an error message ("An error occurred while working on the Data Model in the workbook. Please try again."). I know that only recently the option to refresh Power Query in the web was introduced, so I guess that Power Query loaded to the Data Model is not yet possible in the web version. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I need to "Open in Desktop App" and there I can successfully Refresh All with no problem.

But the internal user I'm sharing the file with uses Mac. He accesses the file from his browser, and when he opens the file in his desktop app, he gets the following error message: "This workbook contains Power Query queries loaded to the Data Model, which can't be refreshed in Excel for Mac."


Considering all these limitations, what can we do to allow this Mac user to refresh the query whenever he needs to?


Thank you very much for any help. 


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@Shalem120 You are correct on the limitations observed. PQ for the Mac does NOT support Power Pivot / Data Model. You simply can't use or refresh workbooks containing these features on a Mac. You are limited to the following connectors.