Refresh Pivot Tables through MS Teams and/or Excel Online

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We have an Excel file (opening locally) with several pivot tables getting data from a local SQL server, which is working fine.

When we try to upload it to Teams or Excel online, refresh stops working. Prompts for wrong credentials (which is not true)


Can we somehow make this work thru Teams or Excel online?

Migration to PBI, is not an option right now.


Many thanks

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I have same issue @etsik 


I experience the same issue, however when I open the workbook with the "Open in Desktop App"  function, I can refresh pivots? 

1st prize will be to be able to refresh when viewing the workbook in the 'Browser'.


So far refresh on web works only with sources within file or anonymous Odata. 

However, in any case, even if works, if you use local database or other source On-premises data gateway - Power BI | Microsoft Docs shall be installed to work with such sources from cloud.