Referring to dropdown list element with "IF" function

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Dear Excel-Users


I need your advice about referring to a chosen element from a dropdown list.


For example: in "A1" there is dropdown list from which I choose an element. The element  that I had chosen should multiple "B1" with 3. But if I would chosse an other that would multiply with 4. 


My question is that how can I refer to to that changable dropdown element,since Excel does not recognize it. 

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Perhaps a VLOOKUP formula, but you should provide much more detailed information, and preferably attach a sample workbook.

@Hans Vogelaar The problem is that Vlookup (like other functions) simply dont recognize the elements which are in the dropdown list. I could send a picture with an example,but my experience is that if I send one,that would confuse everything. 

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Attaching a sample workbook without sensitive date is your best option.

You are right,here is an example. If I choose Steel its give 50 for the price, and if I choose the cube shape it will give 5 for the additional cost,which is 55 in total. (In reality I did not referred to steel or the cube just wrote these numbers to cell and it look like that there is a connection between them,its look like that they are depending on each other,while actually they dont.) What I want is that to create an option to the drop down list where I could choose Wood instead of Steel and that would change the material price to 40,and 4 for the additional cost,hich would be 44 in total. Hope you can understand by now.


That is a screenshot of a worksheet, not a workbook.

You'd need to create a lookup list with the various options and their prices.