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When I went to Developer then Macros, none of the macros in my workbook were there.  They were still listed under Developer file, but the macro box was empty.  I closed this workbook and opened my latest backup to this workbook which had been working but it was also 

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@bigjim1216 The macros are there: 

Interesting. I wonder why I can't see them. They are working, but I cannot get to the code to make any changes. sounds like it's some kind of setting problem, but I still have the problem with my files even though you can see them in the workbook I attached, I still cannot see them in the same workbook on my PC. Strange

Thanks for the help by the way.

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Try clearing your trusted document cache:



Thanks! I can now see my macros in the macro box, but when I go to Developer>Visual Basic I still get a blank page. Any suggestions on that?
also, I can see the macros, but I cannot edit them. I have selected enable macros, but still cannot edit them.


The Trusted Documents quirk seems to be making its rounds lately. I believe you may get a different result on a different computer when you try to view the code in a given module.  I've seen this happen before with xlsm workbooks with a lot of modules.  A client I worked with had 30-40 modules and he could not view the code.  I opened his workbook, could see the code so I reduced the number of modules in the workbook, and saved it under a different name and sent it back to him - he could then access the code.


I can't speak to the style of script being used in your modules because the network I'm on currently won't let me open an xlsm.  Going off the screen caps posted by @Jan Karel Pieterse , you may want to try accessing the modules on another machine.  If you can see the code, I'd try to reduce the number of modules where appropriate.

I got the edit macros problem working. Thanks! I still can't see Developer>Visual Basic. This problem started when Microsoft support was trying to fix the other problem. She had control of my PC and I saw when something she did caused it to go grey, but I didn't catch what she did to cause it. Has to be some kind of setting she changed but I can't seem to find it. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks again for your help on getting my macros back. Made I live much easier!!! I really appreciate it