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Hello everyone,


In my excelsheet I am referencing tables using VSTACK to create one master table, while keeping it easy to edit the original tables.


The problem that I am facing is that VSTACK does not use the text formatting of the referenced cells.



 These are the source tables, and this is the master table:


I could manually make the headers the correct text format, but this format does not shift when a line is added or removed from a table, making the formatting shift incorrectly:


After manually adding formatting


adding a line (14 & 15) to the source table, and the text formatting stays on line 15 and 16 instead of shifting along with the text.


Is there a way to reference the text's formatting so that the manual part of creating a master table can be fully automated? VSTACK does not have a parmater to keep formatting.

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Hi, you already said it yourself in your request. VSTACK() has no option to pass the formatting. None of the other functions can do this either.

The only possibility I can see now is that you add an additional column in your original tables that contains a code for formatting. You can leave this column hidden as long as you don't need to expand it. You can then use the code in your master table and add the formats using conditional formatting.

However, this is quite time-consuming. Depending on how many different formats you use.

Maybe someone will come up with a better idea.



A gimmick. Just to prove that it works with conditional formatting, I made an example.

I first learnt that Excel does not offer the font and font size as conditional formatting. Other programmes can do this. Fortunately, Excel has kept my changes from LibreOffice Calc for compatibility reasons.

Have fun continuing with the various formatting options.