Referencing Dynamic External Worksheet Filename (VLOOKUP/INDIRECT)

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I am currently using VLOOKUP to extract multiple details from my tracker, where the filename changes as I save it. 


File name yesterday : Tracker Oct-31

File name today : Tracker Nov-01 (Which means excel file is replaced)

Here is an example of the Tracker file. The file name is updated every time. 



Here is my current formula, but the dilemma is 

=VLOOKUP(A2,INDIRECT("'[Tracker " & <reference cell>  & ".xlsx]OLT'!$A:$C"),3,FALSE)


The current worksheet that I am working on does not contain the 'date' (Oct-31 or Nov-01). It only contains column A (Place). Is there another workaround for this?


Would it be possible to reference an external workbook filename with regex? For example, any texts with Tracker <Date>

Regex code: Tracker\s+\w+ 


Thank you!


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How about


=VLOOKUP(A2,INDIRECT("'[Tracker "&TEXT(TODAY(),"mmm-dd")&".xlsx]OLT'!$A:$C"),3,FALSE)