Reference column on 2 sheets for unique output.

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Unique ID Contained on Sheet 1 and 2Unique ID Contained on Sheet 1 and 2Data I want on sheet 3 if unique ID on sheet 1 and 2 match.Data I want on sheet 3 if unique ID on sheet 1 and 2 match.Hello, 

Thank you in advance for your help. I have never posted on here, only stack overflow. I think my problem is rather strait forward.

I have two sheets. Each sheet has a column which has a unique ID I created.

If the unique ID from sheet one matches the same unique ID from sheet 2, I want to create a new table in sheet 3 containing select elements from sheet 2. I will keep refreshing this, so if you have questions and are willing to help I would greatly appreciate it! 


In laymens terms - if UniqueID from sheet one matches UniqueID from sheet two - On sheet 3 output XYZ columns of data from the matches on sheet 2. 


Thanks so much!

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There are 3 ways i think you can go with this. The first and probably most 'powerful' way is to use PowerQuery. Using PowerQuery you can link the data sets filter the data and configure the data you want to see. Very powerful and very useful.
The second is to use PivotTable by adding each table to the data model, linking the data using the uniqueID and then creating a pivot table for the fields you want.
The third is to use worksheet functions something like:
=FILTER( Sheet2[columns you want], ISNUMBER(MATCH(Sheet2[UID],Sheet1[UID],0)),"")
If you attach a sample sheet or link to one we could more easily give an example.

Bro thank you so much, I will give this a shot in the morning! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. You ROCK! @mtarler