#REF! error in INDEX/MATCH formula

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Dear all,


Can someone help me with my formula?

=INDEX('[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!K11:K93;MATCH(C8;'[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!B11:B93;0);11)


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Hi @Caro_Bloggs 


the first part of your INDEX formula refers to just one column (K11:K93), but with the very last argument you refer to colum 11.

So if you want to return the value of column 11, the INDEX range should at least cover K11:U93


The 11 as last argument of INDEX tells Excel to look in the 11th column f K11:K93, but that range has only 1 column. Remove that argument:


=INDEX('[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!K11:K93;MATCH(C8;'[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!B11:B93;0))

Great thanks this is really helping. I changed my formula to:
=INDEX('[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!A11:X93;MATCH(C8;'[COSTED_BOM_RFQ_REDUCED__FULL_SMART_LCU_20220523 (1).xlsx]Sheet0'!B11:B93;0);11)

and got now the right expected answer, thank you!
I wish you a nice day!