Reduce excel size due to excess formatting

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How do I reduce the size of my file due to excell formatting?

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Hi Stacy,

What worked for me is I went down to the last row of data on my sheet, that was row 6200. I clicked on the row number to highlight the whole row, then held the shift button as I scrolled to the bottom row by click-holding the slider and dragging it all the way down the the bottom (row 1 million and something), still holding the shift key, then click on the last row so all everything from 6200 to the bottom of the spreadsheet are highlighted, (you can release the shift key at this point) then delete those cells by right clicking on the row number and select delete. This took my spreadsheet from 41 meg to 7.



Kind of extreme but the best thing to do would be remove all formatting  (Select entire sheet, then from Home tab, click on the 'Clear' option and select 'Clear Formats' from the dropdown).



Hi Charla,

That was the first thing I tried with mine and it reduced the size only 2k, but it is worth trying.

Hi Squeaky,

Yeah, as you say, it may only get minimal results in reducing size and I think your suggestion of removing empty (but formatted) rows would likely get better results.


Apply to selected "empty" range (e.g. from first row after the date till end of the sheet) Clear All


, save and reopen workbook