Recurring header on the iPad app?

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Is there a way to make a row repeat like a header?? Thank you.
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In Page Layout -> Print Titles -> Select the row you want to repeat.
Hmm. I can’t seem to find page layout on the app. I’ll uploaded a pic. Maybe it’s right in front of me somewhere

I agree, I can’t find a page layout on my IPad version of Excel.  If anyone can provide 

the path for getting rows and columns to repeat when printed I would appreciate it..  Or if it’s not an available option for iPad, please advise.  Thank you.

I can find Page Layout on my iPad's Excel, but it doesn't seem to have an option for printing the Worksheet header row on the top line of each printed page. One of the absolutely most frustrating aspects of my trying to decipher this specific iPad/Excel issue is getting useful iPad related info from Microsoft's and Google's help aids for Excel. Almost all the search results end up being dead ends because they don't indicate up front "don't even bother trying this on iPad". Many results have titles that about doing this or that fix to Excel without indicating what device types the suggestion is intended for. This happens with many search results where I specifically asked for iPad related suggestions, but still got many, many suggestion that wouldn't work on iPad. Consequently, I'm left with trying out the suggestions provided, one-at-a-time via trial and error until I eventually find one that does work on the iPad platform. But this is like trying to find a needle-in-a-haystack, ending up wasting lots of time and effort. Rarely do I find a good suggestion w.r.t. Excel. Most of the time I give up out of frustration and fatigue. I accept that it can't always be helped that iPad has its limitations in the use of Excel. But surely Excel's engine has access to the specific type of device it's running on, and should be able to articulate (from within) what the user can expect, and not, w.r.t. Excel's functionality on iPad. More often than not, Excel just remains silent when confronted with an untenable user request to do something; or it gives cryptic indications that something has gone wrong because of iPad without indicating that it was simply asked to do something that it was designed for on iPad.