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Hi All,

I have 2 queries, Both related to excel spreadsheet recovery.

Please note that this is a hypothetical situation.
first scenario is like if i have an excel file saved earlier on my local network which currently now i am working on and after an hour or 2 working on that file if i accidently click don't save, is there a way i can recover that file? if yes then do i need a third party software or with some excel inbuilt features?

Second scenario is like if i have created a new excel sheet and i am working in that sheet and after working a lot i accidently clicked don't save, Is there a way to recover the same? if yes then do i need to use third party software or excel does have some inbuilt feature?

Please note that i have already tried recovering unsaved workbook excel feature, That didn't worked for me in either of the cases.

Looking for a quick solution to this.

Thanks in advance

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Perhaps my free Autosafe add-in helps here: