Recording and saving a macro as VBA code instead of Office script

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I believe when I enrolled in Insider and got updates defaulting to Office scripts? So now creating a macro by clicking the Developer Menu and Record Macro it's creating an Office script by default. Is there a way to create VBA code by default which then should be saved in a new module like it has done in the past? Hope this makes sense.



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Is this in Excel? If so, then in the Developer tab there should be a button for visual basic. the Record Macro is a wizard to help you create a macro w/o coding. This would be the same in Office & Power Point.



This is my Trust Center Settings for Macro Settings... when i click on record macro it saves it as vba:



Thanks for this. I did find it and also how to click on the list to open the VBA code window.
Yes I have this turned on thank you... I solved it