Record-keeping through nestled worksheets

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I don't know if I'm asking too much- here but maybe someone is able to help me out.

So I have a sheet with clients' records and I manually input the next appointment date and then order them soonest first. I delete the date and input the new one once it's past.
Is there a way to have these dates listed in another sheet for record-keeping? Therefore I want another sheet with just the clients' names or identifier and all the appointment dates listed together. 

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I would approach it as follows.


Create a single database (based on the one you already have). Stop deleting the records of meetings past. Add a column that basically says "Meeting completed?" with possible answers "Y" or "N" (the latter meaning missed or cancelled...) or if you wanted you could have possible answers "Y", "N", "M", "C"    I'm assuming that you keep this as a single database of meetings for all clients--i.e., there's also a column with Client Name or Client ID or some such.


It would then be quite easy to create a couple of separate dashboards which extract reports from that database that:

  • show the history of all meetings one client
  • show upcoming meetings with any or all clients in sequence


The way I have in mind would make use of the FILTER function, which requires either Excel 2021 or newer, or a subscription to Microsoft 365. Is that your situation?


I'd be happy to demonstrate; you'd make that easier if you could share a copy of what you have currently--better yet a mockup in which real names are replaced by names of Disney characters--posting that sample on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and pasting a link here that grants edit access.