Recent update was lost.

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Good day! I've been tracking my boyfriend and I's expenses (His money saved, my money saved, and our joint savings together on one excel file) using the Excel app on my Ipad Pro (4th Gen). Up until last week, upon opening the file--it still shows the latest input I've been putting since I regularly open it about 2-5x per week. And I'm also paranoid that I might lose the file so I always check if my auto save is on, and it's always on, and I do sometimes save it just in case. The problem is, I just checked it a few hours ago to update it again, but when I opened the file, the recent changes I made was not there, in fact when I clicked on properties it shows that the last saved was on December 14 2021. I am confused as to how the recent changes was lost. I don't have a virus on my ipad, nor did I do anything to it. Please help me. I don't remember all the information I've input there. Thank you very much.

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Well, just had the same happen to me.  I know data was saved as I went back to it during the month.  Now updates and a new Sheet in file are GONE! Wishing for help!

I am "old school" and had printed after each update, but hate losing all the time it takes to recreate.